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William H. Turner

1856                Arch Street, Elliot House Block, Bath, Maine.

William H. Turner appeared in one advertisement on August 14, 1856 in the Bath Daily Sentinel  (Bath, Maine).  Monumental Daguerreotype Cases.  A method has long been sought to insert or attach Daguerreotype Likenesses, in a tasteful and durable manner to monuments.  This had at length been effected, and a patent secured.

The advantage of attaching Daguerreotypes to Monuments are so obvious as to require no argument, and to be appreciated, need only to be seen.

The case which serves as an ornament, is constructed of Parian Marble, an indestructible material.  The Daguerreotype is enclosed in a metal box, and made perfectly air a weather-tight, which box is inserted into an aperture made in the back side of the case, and fastened in with cement.

The advantages of this arrangement consist in securing the daguerreotype from light, air and moisture, and thus preserving it for many years.  It makes a beautiful ornament to the monument, which is comparatively cheap and yet durable.

The subscriber having purchased the right for the Counties of Sagadahoc, Lincoln and part of Cumberland, of this new and beautiful arrangement, are prepared to meet all orders, which they warrants to give full satisfaction and respectfully solicit the patronage of the public.

Cases are made of various sizes and designs to correspond with the monument.  Copies can be taken from the original pictures to suit the sizes of case.  Specimens can be seen at the shop of the subscribers.  Wm. H. Turner & Co., Arch Street, Opposite the store of Kendall & Richardson, Elliot House Block, Bath, ME.

William H. Turner is not recorded in other photographic directories.